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Live2D Model Artist



+80 business days

  • 6500 * 8000px ; 100 dpi

  • commercial fee included

  • 2 revisions included

  • underwear included

  • 3 emotes¹

¹(heart, sparkle eyes and sad)



  • emote ................................ $25+

  • asset ................................... $50+

  • hair ..................................... $100+

  • outfit ................................. $100+


  • nsfw .................................. $100+

  • character creation $300+

  • rush order ....................... +50%

of total

  • any other extra not listed shall be discussed.

  • the pricing may vary depending on the complexity of the request.


Thank you so much for the interest! ♡
Before continuing I must make sure that you've read through all of my tos to avoid any complications.
You can read it all the tos here.



Send the filled form to me on twitter dm @mittsubi, and I'll contact you as soon as possible to proceed.

  • Name / alias:

  • Character references:

  • Add-on / extras:

  • Email for invoice:

  • Important details:

  • Any additional requests / questions:

  • Form pass:


(updated 07/08/2024)

If you are commissioning from me, you are agreeing with the terms of service listed below.

Which ever harmful behavior will not be tolerated, and your commission will be canceled.
If any rule is broken, I hold the full right of declining/canceling your order.


I.I Please, write clearly and objectively, providing references that are easy to understand, comprised primarily of images.
Please refrain from sending a text only reference;
I.II If there is any kind of disrespect or any of the terms is broken by the contractor side, the art order will be canceled.I.III A deadline will be given upon confirmation of the order and it represents a maximum delivery time considering that nothing that harms/slow the process of creation of models happen.
In those cases the artist protect it self with an extra 30 days after the deadline. It is also possible that the model can be delivered before the deadline if everything goes without any issues.
I.IV I will not accept orders that involve the following:

  • Mecha

  • Armored characters

  • Bara

  • Copyrighted content

I.V I hold the right to use the ordered art for promotion of my services on social medias and livestreams like on Twitter and NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is 5% of the total price.I.VI I do not allow any use of selling my models as NFT's.I.VII You must be 18 years or older to commission.I.VIII I do not allow use my models to do AI art.


II.I The payment is to be made in one of the three methods below:

  • Full upfront

  • 50/50 Payment plan

  • 3-Milestone Payment Plan

Please refer to the II.I.a, b and c for explanation of how each method works.II.I.a Full Upfront: The payment of the whole value quoted is to be made upon taking the slot. Sketch approval is still required by the client even if the step has already been paid for.II.I.b 50/50 Payment Plan: The quoted value is divided into two equal parts as follows:

  • First one is to be paid upfront upon taking the slot;

  • The other half is to be paid upon approval of the sketch by the client.

  • By default, each "step" is at least one month apart from each other.

II.I.c 3-Milestones Payment Plan: The quoted value is divided into three roughly equal parts as follows:

  • First one is to be paid upfront upon taking the slot;

  • The second part is to be paid upon approval of the sketch by the client;

  • The last part is to be paid upon receiving the base color/pre-shading WIP.

  • By default, each "step" is at least one month apart from each other.

II.II There is a maximum period of 48 hours after the order has been accepted in which it is required an answer about the payment or revision requests after the sketch has been delivered.II.IIl The payment method can be done via Invoice on PayPal that will be made by the
artist or via VGen system based on client preference.
Please tell the artist the preferred method so that the invoice can me send to you.
II.IV The currency used is USD $.


III.I After the order has been accepted and the payment received, a sketch will be produced based on the references sent by the contractor.III.I.I It is extremely recommended that the contractor have the references well organized and as complete as possible. Since alterations will be limited to small changes only.III.II With the sketch complete, it will be sent to the contractor to verify if everything is according with what was ordered.III.II.I If the sketch is according with what the contractor required, the contractor must confirm it with a message and the art will go through the following stages;III.II.II If else, the contractor has the right of the following terms:

  • Will have the right for 2 revisions of the sketch.

  • The revisions only cover small and, in rarer instances, medium changes to the sketch. Sudden changes such as pose alteration, changing to another character, whole character overhaul, will not be accepted, please consider this when choosing your references

  • The revision does not cover changes in references.

III.III After the payment has been confirmed to be received and no more revisions are requested, the completed art is to be delivered on the informed date.


V.I The artist has the right to cancel the order if there is any breach in the terms in any given moment.V.II The contractor does not have the right to cancel the order or to request refunds to the artist after the payment for the service has been made.V.III In case the payment has not been made yet, the contractor has the right to cancel the order by sending a message requesting the order to be canceled.V.IV If any kind of refund is forced via third party, all the rights over the art will be revoked from the contractor and the artist will retain the right over the art, having the right to sell to other buyers. The offending contractor will no longer be accepted for art commissioning after the incident.


VI.I Throughout the process the communication regarding eventual wip and stage conclusion will be done via Twitter or Discord direct messages.

Form pass: jp29